#49 Ms Beaky throws an awesome party for all her friends!!!

It's Ms Beaky's birthday and she is throwing an awesome party for all her friends. Everyone is wearing party hats and enjoying thier favorite treats. Ms Beaky is wearing some flash new frilly pants that Mr Upty the giraffe brought her and a lovely butterfly necklace brought by Mr ChoChoo the Monkey. The mice are causing mischief running around and around until one of them spots the cheese..... and smiles!!!!!

#44 A magician accidentally turns himself into a sausage and is chased by a pack of mischievous baked beans.

I started to draw a sausage but decided that it really needed arms and legs, then I thought if a sausage could walk around it must be MAGIC, so it must be a magician that had aciddentally turned himself into a sausage!!!!. I tried to make him look surprised and drew him a magic wand so he could turn himself back before somebody decides to eat him!!!!. The beans were just funny and go very well with sausages.