Sponsor me

To raise money and awareness for The Childrens Hospital, Sheffield, Poppy has decided to embark on a massive doodle marathon!!!, attempting to draw at least 200 of her crazy doodles over the next 18 months (starting Jan 2012 and finishing June 2013). Poppy is asking everyone who likes her doodles to sponser her and support this mammoth doodling task. 

To donate to our cause, The Childrens Hospital Charity, you can sponsor Poppy by clicking the ‘Sponsor me here’ button located under all of the doodles on the site. 100% of all the money donated through Diddly Doodles goes to the charity and is securely processed through Just Giving (You can see our Just Giving page here) 

So have loads of fun looking through all of Poppy’s doodles, I’m sure you’ll find something that will make you smile or chuckle. Below we've put together some info about how sponsoring Poppy works.

How do I sponsor Poppy?

  1. Underneath every picture on the site is a 'Sponsor me here' button.
  2. Click the button and donate via our Just Giving donation page (you can use Credit or Debit card or Paypal). We haven't set any limits on the amount you can donate so it's up to you!!!.
  3. After you have sponsored Poppy you will recieve a confirmation email of the donation from Just Giving. Remember to click the link on our message to recieve a big thank-you from Poppy.

What happens when I adopt a doodle?

The most important thing will be the warm fuzzy feeling you'll get knowing you have supported Poppys doodle marathon and of course The Childrens Hospital, Sheffield, an amazing hospital that helps thousands of children just like poppy to overcome serious illnesses.

If you leave an email address when you donated on Just Giving you'll also recieve a really cool ‘Thank You!!!!’ doodle drawn by Poppy for everybody who has been kind enough to sponsor her. 

Are there any other ways to donate to your cause?

 Yes, you can donate money directly to the 'Sheffield Children's Charity' by going to the charity's donation page.

Alternatively, we also have a Folksy shop where you can buy some of Poppy’s brilliant prints, artwork and other cool things. For more information go to to the ‘Buying My Work’ page.