#59 On a day trip to saturn

This is Ayla and she is a space cat fairy who is on a day trip to Saturn. When she arrives she meets two friendly aliens who come and say hello. The big green alien is called Duker and his friend is called Ola. They decide to play a really cool game called Crater jumping. Ayla jumped from crater to crater and was winning by a mile until she was distracted by a fiery comet flying through the stars. Ayla skidded and slipped, landing in the mucky space dust....."Yuck!!!!".  Duker the alien laughed and laughed and shouted "my turn next!".... 

#58 Bert vs the vampire....

There once was a very frightening vampire who scared everyone he met. One day he was out causing mischief when he met a mighty magician called Bert. Bert wasn't scared of this vampire one little bit and decided to teach him a lesson, so he turned him into a chicken. Now instead of biting people with his scary teeth all he does is look very silly, cluck and lay eggs.

#57 Chilli has an accident

Once upon a time there was a girl called Emma and she had a best friend called Chilli, Chilli was a very friendly monster that just laughed and laughed and laughed all the time, he really was the friendliest monster you could ever meet. He laughed at everything especially when Emma pulled silly faces and jumped on his head. One day Emma jumped so much Chilli had a giggling fit and wet himself. "Ha Ha He He.... Oppps" said Chilli, "I'm staying up here" said Emma.

#56 Miss Melana meets an upset ant

Miss Melana was walking on the grass in her lovely sunny garden when she saw a lovely pinky-blue flower and thought it will look beautiful in her kitchen. She started to bend down and pick it when she suddenly heard a funny squeaky sound that seemed louder and louder the closer she got..... Melana looked around and spotted a tiny ant standing right next to the flower. He was jumping up and down, Up and down and looked really quite upset. "I hope your not thinking of picking my lovely flower" said the ant in a tiny squeaky voice. "errm well yes" said Melana who was stunned because she had never heard an ant say anything before. The ant replied "I don't normally talk to humans, especially big ones with funny red hair, but me and the all the other ants love this flower... and it’s not for picking!!!!"


#54 A Cheese chasing a mouse chasing a cat

This was the last picture I drew before our house was burnt and everything covered in smoke, which is why its so dark even though the sun is shining. Its about a large slice of smelly mean cheese who has had enough of all those pesky nibbling mice and is determined to run them out of town. The cool cat who normally does all the chasing, runs away aswell  The mouse floating down on the parachute can't believe what he is seeing and wishes he was still far up in the air and going to land someplace where cheese didn't have legs.....

# 53 Super honey flies to the stars

My best bear Mr Honey is no ordinary bear.... he's also SUPER HONEY!!!!! He wears a cool red mask and cape and can fly as fast as a rocket. He tells me lots of stories about all the adventures he goes on, yesterday he said that he flew so high that he reached the stars!!!. He said it was a lovely view, but didnt stay long as he had forgotten his heated underpants and found space really quite cold..... even with all his fur. 

#50 Julieta gets caught in a magical breeze

Julieta was out playing in the garden when she was surprised to get caught in a magical breeze. Up and up she went high up into the sky. Julieta looked down to see her tiny play area and the world all around. She wondered where in the big wide world she was going to land.... she just hoped it would be a bouncy a trampoline or soft and squishy like a big pile of cushions!!!!!