Your Doodles

 Sending us your doodles is a great way of you getting involved in supporting Poppy’s Doodle marathon and helping to raise funds for her cause The Childrens Hospital Charity. 

 All you have to do is draw your own doodle and send it to us by email. You can draw most things really, just remember that this is Poppy's website and is intended for a family audience so please ‘play nice’. If your looking for inspiration about what to draw look below for some of Poppy’s suggestions.....

A tiny person with very big hair

A flying fish.

An elephant with a beard

A boiled egg gets told off by some very grumpy soldiers.

A monkey on roller-skates.

A frog jumping through a ring of fire!!

Flock of birds with very toothy grins.

Magical world in the clouds.

Girl with giant feet.

A tree running down the road being chased by crazy woodpecker.

A very clever pig.

A spider with trainers on.

A car with legs instead of wheels.

Clever Alien in his space ship.

A happy princess with pink hair.

A dog with false teeth and a wig.


Submitting your doodle

When submitting you need to include the following;

  • Your name
  • Your doodle, Please try to send a high quality scan or photograph your doodle. It needs to be well lit, in focus and generally look great. Take a look at the other drawings on the site to get an idea of the quality we are after. 
  • The date your doodle was completed.
  • Title of your Doodle and maybe a little story that explains it.
Submit your doodles by email at :



Can I suggest a doodle idea for Poppy?

Poppy is always keen to hear any of your cool ideas for doodles, so if you come up with anything you would like her to draw let us know and we can see what she thinks.

Please send your title ideas to and we'll let you know if your idea for a doodle appears on the site!



What should I use to draw my Doodle?

Poppy uses pencils and paints mostly, but you could use any art material or medium.... its up to you. You could also use a tablet or computer to draw your doodle.

How long before my doodle will appear on Diddly Doodles?

We update the site as often as we can and always try to put suitable submissions up on the site within a few days. We will always let you know before your drawing appears on the site.

Can I post my doodle to you?

Yes you can, please contact us for the address. Unfortunately due to cost of postage we cannot send pictures back to you unless you include a stamped and self-addressed envelope.