Spin Painting no 2

Spin painting is seriously good fun. It involves loads of paint and gets very messy which Poppy loves (i'm sure you will to). We used an old cake decorating stand as our spinner. For this spin painting we used circular primed wood panel (MDF) rather than paper.

Poppy got changed into her painting clothes and wore a couple of attractive plastic bags on her feet. We also put a large tarpaulin sheet on the floor to catch all that flying paint.

Poppy put most of the paint on the panel with a jar of paint or a medium size syringe, this gave Poppy a bit more control over the amount of paint she wanted to put on the board. We simply mixed up the paint in some jars, she syringed it up then squirted it out in little blobs or big splats.

Heres a short video that shows you how it all happend!!!

Because Poppy wanted the painting to have very bright colours we completed the painting over two sessions. We let the paint from the first session dry out completely (we were using loads of paint so this took a few days) just incase the colours started to mix together and turn all brown and mushy. We finished the painting off in the next session, adding the final colours and then let it dry a second time.

As you can see Poppy was very keen to show off her very mucky hands!!!

Poppy proudly posing with the finished painting.

Here's the finished painting just before we removed it. 

Heres a close up of the painting just after Poppy finished it.

Once we removed the painting we were left with all this mess....... lucky we put that sheet down!!!!